I was in conversation with a good friend today. I ended up saying a few things that even surprised me. I heard the words come out of my mouth but really I was struck by how profound they were. You might say I inspired myself.

Inspiration. The act of being excited about the possibility to do, think or say some thing of importance.

We were discussing how hard it was to accept and acknowledge a person who tells us we’ve inspired them. It was indeed the same as being complimented. Someone saying, “You inspired me!” is in the act of thanking you for highlighting the path to success. They are thanking you for showing them that what they wanted to do was possible.

When we set out to passionately do what we love, of course we will inspire people. But is it possible to accomplish something, while deliberately looking to inspire others? Is it possible to remain authentic and hope to deliberately manufacture inspiration in others?

When I follow what I believe: to create what’s most important, I don’t expect people to be inspired by me. Someone could possibly be inspired by me and I might never know about it. But does it stop me from doing what I do? No. Did I act, in the hope that someone would be inspired by what I did? I don’t think so.

What are your thoughts?

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