The Magic of Altruism: Step 2

The second step people take towards being altruistic, or in other words volunteering, is situational. There is a powerful leadership component in this concept. In order for people to take the next step in volunteering I, as a leader, needed to create a certain environment.

I was in a position to test this information.  Would it really work? I wanted to use the first step and build on Step 2 to boost member participation in a club I was leading. I wanted to step down from my leadership role and have someone take over. I had nothing to lose. So I started with Step 1 and moved on to Step 2.

There are three situations that can influence a person in their choice to volunteer. In other words, I needed to create a specific environment in order for people to take action. Continue reading

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The Magic of Altruism: Step 1

The definition of Altruism according to the Oxford American Dictionary is as follows,

“altruism: noun, the belief in or practice of disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of  others”

An example of this would be helping the church soup kitchen to feed the homeless and not getting paid to do it. Willingly showing up every month to help out. I believe this concept is the underlying principle for all volunteering in the world but very few people are aware of how it works.

Many charitable organizations go about recruiting volunteers by using a sales method. For example they will publicly establish a need for a certain group of people. This need must be met by fund-raising and volunteering. A relationship is established with people they choose to talk to and share with. Objections are raised by the prospective volunteers and they are dealt with, one by one. Finally they are asked to give of their time, money and energy.

I think that the volunteer population in this world is at risk of disappearing. Continue reading

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A Magic Trick for Your Visual Brain

I have this visual tool I use when people talk about being spontaneous and not wanting to have to plan. Visual tools are great because the visual part of your brain can hold more information and works faster.

When I share my tool, the client I’m working with usually says that to decide now or to say yes to something right now would inhibit their sense of freedom.  If this sounds familiar read on…..

What is the tool? How does it work?
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A Magic Chuckle

I can’t even remember where or when I first heard the phrase but it has saved my sanity more times than I can think of. Here is the best definition I have of it.

Magic Chuckle: v.  The moment you burst into laughter, at your own expense, because of what you are experiencing in a particular moment of your day. The situation may or may not appear funny at the time but it might strike you as hilarious some time later. Continue reading

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The Magic Shift

Although I’d hate to admit it I used to believe I had control over all sorts of things – outside of myself. I would act as if a thought, word or deed of mine I could change things to suit my wants. I shake my head at my naivete and smile when I recall my surprise to find out I couldn’t and didn’t have this power. Maybe I believed I was a Thought Magician. Continue reading

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The Magic of Choice

No Such Thing as Can’t

I didn’t always believe in choices and perspective. I was a victim. When I lived the life of a victim my perspective was one of: no choice. I can’t do this or I can’t do that. Someone else made me a victim which meant I believed I had no choices in my life.

The first time that shifted was when I decided to take some personal development courses. Some time during the course I listened to a short visualization that seemed so simple but incredibly powerful to me. Continue reading

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Chunking: Work on a Project

Chomp! You take a bite of something and yikes its so big you are having trouble chewing it. That is what happens when you start working on a project. There are lots of ways to deal with a project, but why not do it in such a way that your brain will gobble it up like candy.  First a little bit of anatomy. The pre-frontal cortex, that part that makes up your brain behind your forehead, is a very powerful part of your brain. One of it’s duties is to organize things, another is motivation and innovation. Now at first glance, it may not seem apparent but these two things are inextricably intertwined. Read on and you will see how.
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A Brain-Candy Store

I work with a Charitable organization that you might call a brain-candy store. To say that it is an innovative organization would be an understatement…even though that word is part of its name: Innovative (ICO). In the past several years the organization has made a huge turnaround. They’ve gone from owing more on their mortgages than the property was valued at to have a viable budget. I don’t even have to tell you an exact dollar value because part of the innovation was to create transparency. If you want to know what their financial status is, just go to their website and their entire set of financial journals and spreadsheets are posted on their website….AND… it is updated on a daily basis.
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That’s Just the Way I Am!

Three times this month I’ve heard someone refer to Myers-Briggs testing. It was used in conjunction with attempting to explain how they did not want to do something because this was their Myers-Briggs type. What I heard them say is, “That’s just the way I am”.
In the realm of current day psychology the Myers-Briggs is classified as a pop-psych test and there is a reason it’s called that. But it doesn’t deter over a million people a year from taking the test. There are 16 different “types” you can be categorized into after completing the test and it is supposed to predict how you will behave you in relationships at work or life in general.
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Creating Magic as a Leader

Watch closely now…

I said I wanted to write a bit about using Leadership as a means of creating new behavior in someone else. Do I honestly believe that is possible? Well not really. Three teenagers and a husband, later I KNOW it’s not possible. The only one I have control over is me.

But I still had this idea floating around about “be the change I want someone to be”. If, in fact, it was possible to have that kind of an impact on someone in a relationship, was it not possible to create magic in other ways?
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