Letters after my name….


Maureen Miller B.Ed, PCC, CC, LC ACB, Director of Communities

What do they all mean?

This page is all you need to know about me to build a relationship. It contains information about my journey of education, research and learning to get to this point in my life.

I graduated, in 1981, from University of Calgary, Alberta, with a degree in Education. So now I can put B.Ed. after my name.

After teaching several years, I went on to graduate from Coach University . A grueling 270 hours of teleconference classes. I applied for and received an Associate Certified Coach designation with International Coaching Federation (ICF). This consisted of obtaining 500 hours of coaching experience, some of which had to be paid. It ended with a 30 minute oral exam showcasing my coaching abilities. As of a result of that I was able to put ACC after my name. Since then I’ve moved up a level of certification with ICF and I am now PCC: Professional Certified Coach.

The last thing I did before I moved out to Vancouver ( a whole other story with no letters attached), where I currently, I joined the Board of Directors for the XXYY Project . I’ve been on that board for 4 years and currently hold two positions: Secretary and Interim Chairman of the board. We recently restructured our organization and I’ve taken on the role of Director of Communities. So I get to add Director of Communities after my name.

Moving out here didn’t put any letters after my name but joining Toastmasters did. I started out with and obtained my Competent Communicator (C.C.), moved on to complete my Competent Leader (C.L.) and move on to Advanced Communicator Bronze (A.C.B.). I’ve been the VP of Education for my club, 60 Minutes Toastmasters, and also held the role of President. So now I can put the letters: C.C., C.L., A.C.B. and Past President after my name.

I thought having a degree in Psychology might be a more powerful tool than just being a coach so hopefully in a few years I will be able to add B.A. after my name as well. Maybe eventually MC, Masters in Counseling.

Now several charitable-organizations-later I can add more letters after my name: Initiative Leader for the Courtenay Community with ICO and Board member with Communitas . And there I will draw the line with organizational memberships.

Rewired2Change will be a position without letters or name other than “Owner”.