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Tori really got me thinking the other day. Her blog, Circus Serene , is the perfect playground for the mind.

I’m generally very open to new and innovative business ideas and she had some creative ideas on how to think about a business plan. She asked some questions (good way to get the neural maps cooking) and it brought about an interesting result.

I had been thinking of re-vamping my coaching business for quite awhile now. My life was settled and my mind was tired of mindlessly wandering around. Combine my desire to follow the unconventional and Tori, who is every bit unconventional when it comes to business, and you get an interesting network of thoughts.

To give some context to the quote below you need to know what she asked. She suggested her readers review a set of questions and then visualize the answers to them. I posted my thoughts as a comment on her page but I’d like to add them here (with a few changes that have popped into my mind since then).

Okay I am ready. This seems so personal but exciting so here goes…

A beautiful snow leopard pacing, at a gentle lope, through a jungle. Not an ordinary jungle. Instead of vines hanging down it is wires: thick, thin, shiny, dull, colors, iridescent, dark. The leopard has a name: Portentia. She is restless and every once in awhile she lets out a snarl and soft roar. At first I thought I was the leopard. But I am running beside her. Both of us side by side. I can see what I am wearing but what it is, is not important. How it feels is what matters. What matters is how I feel. Free, wind brushing against my skin, coolness of the air on my face. When she roars, I smile reach over to stroke her and calmly whisper, “Don’t be silly. I’m right here.” it is the most exhilarating feeling the world.

This “thing” (a.k.a. business) will produce that value I feel: freedom, inspiration, the impact that I, a mere mortal can feel, in the presence of such a majestic creature. It will lead, everyone I reach, to that feeling they are looking for. Whatever it is for them. That sense of exhilaration I feel when I imagine this. But they have to be daring and take a chance to run beside such a creature as Portenia.

And out of that came the name Rewired2Change. I’m still not sure how to include the leopard in all of this but when I do that picture up above will look a whole lot different. However, I do know now, that the leopard is my mind and I can visualize us running side by side creating guide-maps through the maze of the wires.

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