What is my “How”?

I had started on the quest of the Golden Circle and now knew my “Why”. After I sat down and read most of the book I came across an astounding piece of information! My “How’s”. I got what Simon Sinek was talking about when he said, “People buy your ‘Why’ not your ‘What’.” But there was this mysterious “How”. What did it mean? What I understood was that my “How” was the way I built and created my business. On a more personal level it was how I actually created my life.

I still was confused. At first I thought it was my list of Standards. I have this list that I call my moral compass. It contains the following things:

1. I will be impeccable with my words and actions. This means I strive to make my                communications clear, crisp and to the point.
2. I am at cause in my relationships. I don’t wait for things to fix themselves.
3. I choose to respond rather than react in my communications
4. I will always strive to give my best
5. I don’t make assumptions
6. I don’t take things personally
7. I accept the results in my relationships©

I thought this was my “how”. But from what Simon describes in his book, it is deeper than that. He described them as your Values. I am authentic when I act on my Values.

I had done work on this before and had for many years directed my life by my Values. It hadn’t gotten me very far. However if I wondered if I connected these Values to my “Why” things would change. I liked how Simon suggested they should be changed into verbs not left as nouns.

You are probably wondering what these Values are. Well I first started off with the five words I had been carrying around in my back pocket for the last 10 years: Impact, Innovate, Power, Intuition and Freedom. I wasn’t sure they were all expressed correctly so I brought out my dictionary to look up the definitions. Here is what I found:

  1. Impact changed in to: making an impact
  2. Power changed in to: energy and force to create momentum
  3. Innovate changed in to: look at things from a different angle
  4. Freedom changed in to: the power to determine action without restraint©

Now my Values were more than just a tool. They were a driving force and my map was my “Why”. It felt balanced and powerful to at last have these two connected. If I am busy creating what is most important to me, I am making an impact. If it is most important to me I will utilize energy and force to create momentum. If I’m not just taking up space, I’m looking at things from a different angle. If I am busy creating what I say is most important to me I have the power to determine action without restraint. I felt electrified when this connection was made in my mind.

I just had one more step to take: “What” was I going to create.  But I suppose the more exciting thing is going to be: who am I going to attract, who is going to want to be in my tribe?

What is your “How”? Have you done work on determining what your Values are? If you know your Values how would you change them in to actionable words?

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