Non-Profit/Charitable Organizations look here…

It’s hard to feel motivated and inspired all the time as a volunteer. Here is where you will find a light to gather under.

I’m passionate about helping volunteers. I’m a volunteer myself

1. Past President  and VP of Education with 60 Minutes Toastmasters

2. Chairman of the Advisory Board for XXYY Project

3. Committee member for Communitas

4. Community Representative and Initiative Team Leader in Courtenay for Innovative

So I know how it can feel: overwhelming, sometimes thankless, misunderstood yet incredibly rewarding. Lately, some of the work I’ve been doing with these groups has become infinitely exciting since I’m working with a new organizational structure. I see huge benefits for the way Non-Profit and Charitable organizations will operate and vast changes, that will be made in the future.

Please check out Coach Approach for free coaching. You can also specifically request for me. I hope to add more resources to this page in the near future. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.