What I Can Offer You

How can you get support to work this way?
There are many ways to help you create the mind maps to locate what is most important to you. Here are only a few listed. If you are the creative type and wish to have me facilitate a creation of your own making, I would be more than glad to help you make it happen. My goals is to set you lose on your life not be your life long supporter.

1. Coaching
If you are interested in one-on-one coaching, group coaching, cyber coaching or maybe you have an idea for a different format for coaching, please email me so we can discuss what meets your needs. Some of my clients have once a month contact with me, some have weekly contact and some prefer group coaching because it has the type of dynamic and feedback they are looking for. It is also more affordable to do in a group.

2. Workshops
I do workshops any number of topics. I try not to have “canned” workshops. Tell me what it is you hope to accomplish in your work or personal environment and I can custom create what you need. I need to know what is on your mind before I can create something that works for you and your group.
These workshops can be set up as a tele-seminar, on a webinar platform or in person. All three styles comes with handouts and a one-on-one coaching session for each participant. I am completely comfortable doing a workshop in person but that entails expenses.

3. Speaker
I am an Professional Speaker and a life long member of Toastmasters. Drop me a line and suggest what you’re interested in learning more about. I’ve given speeches on mind mapping, inspiration, motivation, mind-based coaching, goal making and keeping.  These are just a few. Let me know what it is you want to know more about. A good way to find out what I can and will talk on is to review some of the content on my blog. I am passionate about anything to do with Neuroplasticity.  Or maybe you just want to know how to create what is most important.

4. Non-Profit Organizations, Charitable Organizations and NGO’s
I do a lot of work with these types of organizations. I have been known to coach in exchange for a tax receipt.  I also coach pro bono through an organization called Coach Approach . You can apply through them, on line and request to work specifically with me.
If you need something more than just one on one coaching from me with only one person at a time.  Perhaps you need a workshop or you need help creating a fundraiser. If this is the case please email me and I will help you find the time and money to make happen just what you need. It’s just something I do. Please check out my NGO page.

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