Updating My List of How’s

It was a quick endeavor to get my list of HOW’s on my website. I didn’t want, for one minute to have it left unfinished. It was too important to me to be authentic in this public forum: my website.

I spent some more time exploring what these Elements meant to me and what I could do to make it clear what I was trying to convey. I took out my handy dandy dictionary and spent some time exploring these words and how I connected to them.

While the initial list was close, it didn’t really have the zing I was trying to portray. I had a lot of trouble moving to the next piece: my “WHAT”. I wasn’t sure of the products and services I wanted to offer until I was crystal clear with a final list. I also took the time to finish Simon Sinek’s book “Start with the WHY”. I had some startling insights that made it easier to move on to exactly WHAT I wanted to offer. The other insights are for another post.

So drum roll please…….

  1. Impact: strike or collide with the status quo
  2. Power: energize and ignite to create momentum
  3. Innovate: alter the established norm
  4. Freedom: inspire action without restraint
  5. Intuition: perceive on a direct and immediate level

This was how I was going to do things from now on. When I chose to offer any service, help or support I was going to do in such a way as to be enfolded in these five aspects. I also began to see how they all interconnected with each other. They seemed to build on each other creating a compelling movement forward. I was now ready to work on “WHAT” I had to offer. It all was coming together in a balanced path. I knew that this had been the right step for me to take.

On on the next day, I rested….with a smile on my face and a purpose in my step forward.


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