“What” do I do?

Now that I am clear about what I believe in and how I go about doing things, I’m ready to tell you what it is I actually do. I am a trained to be a Professional Certified Coach. This is my first love, what I’m most passionate about. It can take many forms and I’m prepared to explore any avenue that will work for both me and my clients:

1. One-on-one Coaching: this means I work with an individual privately. I can be found on several referral sites but the most reputable one is the ICF Referral site. See if you can find me. This is also the most expensive method, but you get my undivided attention.

2. Group Coaching: This means I work with a group of 2-6 people. I’ve tried larger groups but anything more than six means someone will miss out. Anything less than two…well it’s not a group anymore.  Six because with an even number of people, I can partner clients up to do work together. Kind of like an accountability partner. I have Teleclass leader certification through Coach Inc.. The dynamics of group coaching a different than just a single client.

3. Workshop facilitation: I have hundreds and I mean hundreds of assessment tools and workshop ideas I can use with groups. This means, if I am approached to work on a particular topic or issue I can compile, group or rework the material I have to meet the unique needs of each client. Remember I believe in creating what’s most important and that means for you and your group.

Tell me what you need and I will create a workshop to meet that need. It’s all part of being innovative, HOW I do things.

4. Speaking engagements: I am a professional speaker. I’ve spoken to groups of 10-200. I can gear a coach for any size and any amount of time. As a Toastmaster we learned to do anything from 1 minute to 30. As a teacher I was trained to speak in the front of a classroom for eight hours. Whatever you need, whatever topic, I am comfortable speaking about it.
5. CrowdFund Coaching: This is something I’m teamed up with another group for. As of the posting of this article the site is not live but I will update this post to let anyone know about this.

6. EQ Assessment: I’ve achieved certification on using Multi-Health Systems assessment platform. I am experienced and qualified to: administer, analyze, debrief and coach a person through and individual assessment or in a 360 format. Both are incredibly powerful leadership tools

7. Contract work: I also work through a company called Spearhead Executive Coaching. We do workshops and company-wide coaching.

Methods of Coaching

1. In person: which is more costly since it entails expenses

2. Phone: less expensive but just as effective as in person.

3. VOIP: some times people just want to see who they are talking to and I am happy to oblige.

4. Chat rooms: I’ve had several successful coaching groups utilizing a chat room. With the advent of VOIP I haven’t used this method but the groups I had were active and vibrant.

5. Webinar: I’ve used webinar platforms to offer workshops: 3o min to 3 hours. I’ve used it to have weekly sessions over a selected time period

6. MOOC: I’m currently learning how to use Moodle. Another interesting, self-directed/paced platform for learning.

So what I have to offer is a varied as a clients needs. Just contact me to talk about what you need and how it would best work for you. Prices vary depending on what you need and how you need it to look.



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