Where Does Emotional Self-Awareness Come From?

I’ve been doing some work with the EQi 2.0 and wanted to look more closely at one of the composites: emotional self-awareness. When you really consider it, how is your ability to be aware of emotions, a product of your upbringing? How much of an influence did your parents have on your emotional self-awareness? How important of a role model were your parents when it came to being aware of your emotions?

Perhaps your family, generally kept their feelings to themselves. If they did, how did that impact your ability to connect to what you were feeling if the people around you weren’t comfortable sharing their feelings? This means that not only did expression of emotions affect you from the outside but it gave you a template of how to handle your own emotions.

As you grow up and your sphere of influence expanded so did your exposure to others. How they handled their feelings and their ability to act based on their own awareness most probably taught you what to do with your own feelings.

The bottom line is: if you learned how to deal with your feelings and get in touch with your feelings was a learned experience. You created neural pathways on that. Then the behaviour of how to be aware of your emotions and the impact they have on others must also be learned.
This gives me a good feeling to know that this is something I can learn to improve on and in turn impact my leadership abilities.

How did you learn to appropriately express your feelings? What process did you go through to become self-aware of you emotions? I’m still working on that thought.

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